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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Crudeoil is in perfect uptrend .Currently Crudeoil is in strong uptrend and the trend is supported with good volume The open interest is not increasing with trend . Cautious point is buying at higer levels seems decreasing. The Crudeoil is now trading in overbought level. The oscillator is showing SELL signal For short term Crudeoil is inHOLD LONG position.Positionally Support for the Crudeoil is 5162-5143-5109-4957-4882-4855-. Immediate resistance for Crudeoil is 5269

Short term and Intraday Level of CRUDEOIL

Currently Crudeoil is in HOLD LONG position Crudeoil has crossed the high but the trend was not strong and sellers was at high so for short term better buy above 5269.3 with stop at 5132.0 The Crudeoil is now trading is approaching overbought level. The oscillator is showing BUY signal 
Intraday Trend- Buy is advised only above 5269.3 with a stop at 5202.2 Below 5186.8 go for sell and put stop at 5253.9
Intraday Resistance of CRUDEOIL are 5258.8/5284.4/5312.4/5331.6/5368.2/5404.9
Intraday Support of CRUDEOIL are 5197.2/5171.6/5133.7/5114.8/5079.1/5043.6

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