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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Copper is in long- term bull phase .Currently Copper is moving sideways The oscillator is showing SELL signal .In last 1 month volatality is very less Buy the Copper above 451 or buy with strict stop at 432. The oscillator is showing SELL signal For short term Copper is in HOLD SHORT position.Positionally Support for the Copper is 434-433-.Resistance for the Copper is 442-445-

Short term and Intraday Level of COPPER

Currently Copper is in HOLD SHORT position Copper is in down trend so buy above 440.0 The sell will again come if below 434.5 The oscillator is showing BUY signal 
Intraday Trend- Buy is advised above 442.2 with a stop at 435.4 Below 433.7 go for sell
Intraday Resistance of COPPER are 439.9/441.5/447.4/453.3/463.5/469.2/480.1/491.1
Intraday Support of COPPER are 436/434.4/427.3/421.5/411.8/406.5/396.4/386.6

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