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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Naturalgas trading range for the day is 269.9-279.7.

Natural gas dropped as forecasts for mild weather in the near-term was expected to reduce demand for the heating fuel.

The Commodity Weather Group said the weather would be mostly normal in parts of the Midwest and Southeast through March 22 before turning colder.

Total U.S. natural gas storage stood at 1.001 trillion cubic feet, the lowest for this time of year since 2003.

The heating season from November through March is the peak demand period for U.S. gas consumption

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Friday, 4 October 2013


Copper is in long- term bull phase .Currently Copper is in strong uptrend and the trend is supported with good volume The open interest is not increasing with trend . In last few days lot of positive accumulation happened in the Copper Cautious point is buying at higer levels seems decreasing. The oscillator is showing BUY signal For short term Copper is in HOLD LONG position.Positionally Support for the Copper is 446-437-.Resistance for the Copper is 463-464-466-470-

Short term and Intraday Level of COPPER

Currently Copper is in HOLD SHORT position Copper is moving sideways so short term investor better to buy only above 471.4 or hold with stop at 452.0 The oscillator is showing SELL signal
Intraday Trend- Buy is advised above 460.8 with a stop at 450.8 Below 448 go for sell
Intraday Resistance of COPPER are 459.9 : 464.4 : 469.6 : 476 : 482.3 : 486.9 : 491.5
Intraday Support of COPPER are 448.9 : 444.4 : 439.4 : 433.3 : 427.3 : 423 : 418.7


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